1. Majestic Lion
    Majestic Lion
    20x20 oil on canvas
  2. Jenny's Crab
    Jenny's Crab
    20x24 oil on canvas SOLD
  3. Marsh Fields
    Marsh Fields
    24x24 oil on canvas
finding bliss on a canvas

I love to paint.

The most common scene when I'm painting: some wine, loud music, a blank canvas, and probably a little dancing for good measure.

  1. Mom's Pelican
    Mom's Pelican
    9x12 oil on canvas SOLD
  2. Aunt Diane's Girl
    Aunt Diane's Girl
    16x20 oil on canvas SOLD
  3. Rooster
    12x12 oil on canva
  4. Purple Marsh
    Purple Marsh
    12x16 oil on canvas
  5. Brayden's Rhino
    Brayden's Rhino
    20x20 oil on canvas SOLD
  6. I've got a stick!
    I've got a stick!
    20x20 oil on canvas

Creating art that makes me happy.  I hope it makes you happy too. 

  1. Michaela Voss Long
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